We've just closed our first production, GETTING CLOSE, after a sold-out run! Here's a generous review and here we are on Channel 11 in NYC.

GETTING CLOSE is a play of stories based on our members' lived experiences behind the walls. It's a web of trauma, loss, resilience, courage, doubt and connection that draws its strength from each storyteller and their stories. 

Featuring: Akeel Adil, Juan Carlos ‘Johnny’ Hincapie, Robert Mason Lindsay, Robert Pollock and Juan ‘Broadway’ Rodriguez

Production: Caits Meissner, Story Facilitator, Izzy Batts, Stage Manager, Cherrish Curry, Technical Guru, Ashley Hamilton, Managing Director, Clare Hammoor, Artistic Director

Cover image by Robert Pollock. Photo credit: Tammy Kremer.

Interested in hosting a production? Instead of spectators, we're looking for collaborators. We need you to connect with this work as we all join the struggles against mass incarceration. You'll be helping to support a collaboration of art, activism and agency. Reach out to us at reemergenttheatre@gmail.com.